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Our moto: When you look good, you feel good.

As an experienced injector, Jacqueline Goit enjoys nothing more than providing patients with results that they are ecstatic about! Her detailed patient education and personal one on one follow up make her one of the most highly sought after injectors in her area.

Jacqueline’s experience started amongst the front lines of the city’s public healthcare facilities as a registered nurse working out of St. Joe’s Hospital. Tending to the area’s most delicate of patients, her dedications to quality care had Jacqueline awarded the position of Director of Long-Term Care.

Eventually, she decided to pair her nursing background with her enthusiasm for aesthetics. Following several rounds of intensive and extensive cosmetic training, she received medical aesthetic certification through APT and Thread Lift training by JJ & Associate’s Dr. Lee.

Years later, Jacqueline continues to spend countless hours training on products and techniques in order to ensure she is delivering the best results for her patients.

Why patients come back.

Jacqueline is proud to have a patient retention rate of over 95%. This shows the genuine care and professionalism she demonstrates; she goes above and beyond to educate patients thoroughly and provide detailed and personal follow up. No patient concern or question is too small and Jacqueline ensures complete patient comfort when you see her for a treatment.

Establishing an open and trusting patient relationship is at the heart of Fourth Avenue Aesthetics. Be confident that we will help you look and feel your best; with no pressure to ever be ‘up sold’ treatments or services. We maintain integrity and treat only what is asked.

Patient satisfaction is #1 for us, always.


“I'm Jacqueline, I am the lucky one. I gain relationships with so many of my clients. We all tear ourselves apart, social media has become so influential recently and can be damaging to the way we feel about ourselves. I assist with all those minor details that bother each and every one of us when we “judge” ourselves in the mirror. It is the minor details, small changes that make a difference.

I do not just inject; I share, talk, listen, celebrate and gain special relationships with each one of my client's. I am thrilled that I am the one my clients trust not just with injections but also sharing part of their lives.

At Fourth Avenue, I take all my clients needs and best interests to heart every time they come in and do not sell any services.

At the end of my day, I leave with my heart full, knowing I made a difference. Whether it be minor, it can lift spirits and change that reflection we see staring back and improve the outlook of ourselves. I am thrilled I was able to assist to empower and offer support physically and emotionally.

Thank you so much for trusting me and allowing me to play a special part in your lives. Each client is very special and imprints on my life to make it better! This is truly my passion, and I look forward to visiting with each one of my clients on a daily basis!”